Increasing HOA Dues

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As discussed during our recent Block Party we are in discussion of increasing our HOA dues
from what they are now at $75 to $125. R.L. Plumber (sub-division developer) has approached
the HOA and offered to pay and install upgraded street signs in future phases 4, 5 and 6. There
are multiple advantages to the upgraded street sign including needing less since they combine
stop signs with street signs (currently they are separate), they are more durable, less likely to
fall over and generally more aesthetically pleasing. This is a huge proposed investment from
R.L. Plumber but the only way they will commit is if we has the HOA agree to pay for the
upgraded street signs in the existing phases 1, 2 and 3.

Currently we do not have the funds to pay for in total and won’t have until 2022 under current
circumstances but in raising the dues would be able to pay for over the next two years in
addition to other projects that board has been unable to complete.

Other projects may include a monument at the Richmond entrance to the sub-division. This has
been a prospective venture for a couple years but again have not had the funds. As the sub-
division grows we have seen significantly more traffic through the Richmond entrance and think
it warrants something as the Savannah entrance does.

While both projects have their own merits the street sign project remains more pressing due to
R.L. Plumbers prospective investment hinging on the HOA’s commitment.

Even further down the road if able we would also love to entertain the idea of some sort of
community area, whether that be a kid’s playground, dog park or potentially even a community
pool. That is a ways away but an opportunity we might have if dues are increased.

Keep in mind our dues are relatively low versus other sub-divisions – especially when compared
to comparable nearby neighborhoods.

We have discussed at the recent Fall Block Party, as well as at our most recent HOA meeting
but we would like to give the sub-division one more opportunity to ask questions regarding the
budget, increasing dues, future projects and anything else. The Mannie Jackson Center is
offering to host an Open Forum for the Savannah Crossing HOA next Thursday from 5:30-7. If
nothing else it would be a good opportunity to mingle with your fellow homeowners and to check
out the Humanities Foundation facility. We will have a meet and greet from 5:30-6pm and open
forum from 6-7pm.

If you have ANY question we HIGHLY encourage you to join us. You may cast your vote at this
meeting or if you are unable to make it and have not yet done so please vote electronically here:
Online Ballot

Aaron Heepke, HOA Treasurer
Mike Homann, HOA President
Blake Berner, HOA Vice President
Megan Irvin, HOA Secretary

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