October 17, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: No call to order. Meeting with RL Plumber at R. P. Lumber in Edwardsville to discuss various topics. HOA Board Members Present:  Mike Homann, President Aaron Heepke, Treasurer Megan Irvin, Secretary RLP Development Members Present: Bruce Riedle, President Mike Bold, Project Manager Topics: RLP (Developer) Voting Rights: RLP has the right to […]

April 5, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Topic Summary: Street Signs, Dog Poop, Mowing, Neighborhood Watch, Yard Sales, Easter Egg Hunt, Website, Covenants Amendments, Trash, Drainage, Dues, Budget, Block Party, Board Openings, Basketball Hoops, Complaints

March 14, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Topic Summary: Basketball Hoops, Children at Play, Covenants, Dog Park, Dog Poop, Dues, Easements, Easter Egg Hunt, Neighborhood Watch, Street Signs, Website, Yard Sales