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HOA Dues Increase

February 8, 2018

Savannah Crossing Homeowners,

As discussed previously throughout the year the board has been in discussion of increasing our HOA dues. The board has accessed the current needs of the neighborhood and proposes an increase to $125 from the current $75. We have contemplated for the past couple years and with pending projects and other reasons we hope to address some of the projects the board has had on hold, as well as address any additional issues in the sub-division. We hope residents understand that all funds go towards bettering the sub-division and support the vote.

We wanted to give residents some insight as to how the budget and dues would be allocated. With the increased dues the board has proposed the attached annual budget, including two projects outlined below.

Upgraded/New Street Signs

R.L. Plumber (sub-division developer) has approached the HOA and offered to pay and install upgraded street signs in future
phases 4, 5 and 6. There are multiple advantages to the upgraded street sign including needing less since they combine stop
signs with street signs (currently they are separate), they are more durable, less likely to fall over and generally more
aesthetically pleasing. This is a huge proposed investment from R.L. Plumber but the only way they will commit is if we has the
HOA agree to pay for the upgraded street signs in the existing phases 1, 2 and 3. With current rates, we would not be able to
pay for these upgrades in total until 2022, however splitting into additional installment will increase the total overall cost.
Currently we do not have the funds to pay for in total and even if we play in installments won’t enough means until 2022
under current circumstances. However in raising the dues would be able to pay for over the next two years in addition to
securing R.L P’s contribution to the project.

Richmond Entrance

Similar to the Savannah Crossing “main” entrance the board has wanted to construct something at the Richmond entrance of
the sub-division. There have multiple proposals including another contribution by R.L.P. The Richmond Entrance has seen
increasing traffic due to the new phases in the sub-division and as the new phases continue we anticipate the Richmond
Entrance might be used more than the Savannah Entrance.

We will be voting on increasing the current dues and the budget approval at our annual meeting this Thursday (tonight!),
February 8, 2017 at 7pm at the Glen Carbon Senior/Community Center. The board will be holding a quick informational
breakdown and be available for questions immediately prior to the vote. We encourage you to come cast your vote in person at
the meeting, but should you be unable to attend, you may also complete an absentee ballot.

Note that in order for the dues vote to pass we have at least 10% of the subdivision represented and majority rule.

Contact the board at with any questions.


Savannah Crossing Homeowners Association Board

Mike Homann, HOA President
Blake Berner, HOA Vice President
Aaron Heepke, HOA Treasurer
Megan Irvin, HOA Secretary


Savannah Crossing 2018 Budget Proposal
2017 year-end balance $14,652.00
Estimated 2018 dues $22,000.00
Estimated balance $36,652.00
President budget $100.00
Vice President budget $100.00
Secretary budget $100.00
Treasurer budget $3,000.00
Landscape budget $6,000.00
Web budget $50.00
Social budget $1,500.00
Safety budget $200.00
Welcoming budget $300.00
Communications budget $300.00
Management company $3,000.00
Projects $17,000.00
Estimated 2018 expenditures $31,750.00
Estimated surplus $5,002.00

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