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2018 Dues and Budget Vote

February 11, 2018

Savannah Crossing Homeowners,

We would like to inform you that the recent dues increase and 2018 HOA budget votes both were passed as of today by simply majority. The increased dues of $125 will be in effect with 2018 Dues due at by April 30th and will be used to as decided in the coinciding budget that was passed (posted below).

For additional information regarding the purpose of increased dues and proposed budget please reference previous post on the Savannah-Crossing website here:

We will update the Covenants and Restrictions as well as the Bylaws accordingly to reflect this vote.

Of the 206 current lots, 31 households’ voted. In regards to increased dues to $125, 22 residents voted in favor of and thus passed at 71.0%. In regards the coinciding budget, 24 residents vote in favor of and thus passed at 77.4%.

Contact the board at with any questions.

Savannah Crossing 2018 Budget
2017 year-end balance $14,652.00
Estimated 2018 dues $22,000.00
Estimated balance $36,652.00
President budget $100.00
Vice President budget $100.00
Secretary budget $100.00
Treasurer budget $3,000.00
Landscape budget $6,000.00
Web budget $50.00
Social budget $1,500.00
Safety budget $200.00
Welcoming budget $300.00
Communications budget $300.00
Management company $3,000.00
Projects $17,000.00
Estimated 2018 expenditures $31,750.00
Estimated surplus $5,002.00

Savannah Crossing Homeowners Association Board