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Neighborhood Watch Newsletter

Neighborhood Watch Newsletter

Edition #1: September 2019

The Savannah Crossing Home Owner’s Association (HOA) is pleased to announce the formation of our very own Neighborhood Watch Program. With our subdivision expanding every year, now is a good time to get this up and running. Below you find information regarding our program along with other programs offered by the Village of Glen Carbon.

What is a Neighborhood Watch?

A Neighborhood Watch program is a group of people living in the same area who want to make their neighborhood safer by working together and in conjunction with local law enforcement using simple techniques to deter, delay and detect crime, and improve the quality of life for the neighborhood.

Benefits/Goals of a Neighborhood Watch Program

To become acquainted with your neighbors
To build community pride and unity
To work together to identify and solve problems in our subdivision/community
To help the Village of Glen Carbon Police Department by being aware of and reporting any unusual activities as they occur
To report “abnormal” activity in our neighborhood
To implement crime prevention techniques to enhance home security
Not to apprehend suspects, leave that to the Police. It is putting neighbors back into neighborhoods

Neighborhood Watch Members

Watch Coordinator

The Watch Coordinator position will be assigned to the HOA Board member sitting on the Safety Committee. The coordinator’s job is crucial to the success of the Neighborhood Watch program. Responsibilities include:
Acting as a liaison between block captains and the HOA Board as well as local law enforcement
Obtaining and distributing crime prevention materials

Block Captains

We are currently looking for Block Captains! What exactly is a Block Captain? Block Captains are recommended for every 15-20 houses and should be directly involved with their neighbors. The Block Captain’s responsibilities include:
Acting as a liaison between block residents and the coordinator
Visiting and encouraging new residents to join the Neighborhood Watch
Attached is a map of our subdivision, designating where each Block Captain will need to be assigned. If you are interested in becoming a Block Captain please contact the HOA Board at

Subdivision Residents

All residents of the Savannah Crossing neighborhood can be a part of the Neighborhood Watch program. Your job is simple: Report any suspicious activities, people watching vehicles, illegal activities, unusual events or incidents and dangerous situations to your respective Block Captain.

Programs the Village of Glen Carbon Already Offers

The Village of Glen Carbon has a wide variety of programs that it offers to ensure the safety of its residents. Two programs we would like to highlight in this edition are below:

Vacation Watch

Residents are now able to view and print a Vacation Watch Request Form though the Village’s website. If you are a Glen Carbon resident and planning a vacation, simply fill out the form, return it to the Village Police Dispatcher and the Glen Carbon Police Department will be aware of your absence. By providing the necessary information, the Police Department will be able to contact you or your representative in the event of an emergency. Police will also provide spot checks of your residence during your absence. If you have any questions regarding this program please contact the Village of Glen Carbon Police Department at 618-288-7226.

Voluntary Video Camera Registry

The Glen Carbon Police Department would like the public’s help in fighting crime by taking part in a Voluntary Camera Registry Program. This program allows residents and businesses to register the locations of their outdoor video surveillance systems with Glen Carbon Investigators. In the event a crime occurs, the police will be able to identify the locations of nearby video cameras/video doorbells and enlist the assistance of the community to help officers collect video evidence and follow up on leads. To register your outdoor camera/video doorbell please visit . You can remove your camera from the registry at any time by emailing the Police Department.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the 1st Edition of the Savannah Crossing Neighborhood Watch Newsletter. There will be plenty more information to come and we look forward to working with everyone in the neighborhood to continue to make Savannah Crossing a great place to live! Don’t forget if you are interested in becoming a Block Captain to email

Savannah Crossing Home Owner’s Association Board

Block Captain Map