April 1, 2010 Meeting Minutes

TOPIC SUMMARY: Block Party, Developers, Dues, Fountain, Lots, Marquees, Mowing, Newsletter, Social Events, Website



April 1, 2010

Location: Starbucks in Glen Carbon, IL

President, Alex Rigoni, called the meeting to order at 6:06 p.m.


Alex Rigoni, President
Emily Thouvenot, Board Member
Marla Stermon, Treasury
Marty Rhine, Board Member
Sherri Guardiola, Secretary
Ying Shang, Board Member
Guests: Ron Lowery (Attorney, R.P. Lumber)


Nancy Dunn, Board Member


Nancy was asked to gather information, for a sign to be placed at the subdivision entrance, to help inform homeowners of upcoming events, meetings, etc.

Sherri distributed a list of other local HOA websites to the committee for viewing.

Sherri distributed a list of information she gathered from many local HOA websites to the committee so we could get an idea of information we might want to post on our website.


Ron stated that the HOA may call special meetings, in order to make rule changes or variances to the Covenant.

Ron stated that the committee is responsible for mowing the berm’s and suggested we find someone to hire as soon as possible.  R.P. Lumber’s recommendation is “Delkus Lawn Care” and “J&K Turf Pro”, although the committee may vote to hire anyone they wish.

The next HOA Meeting/Annual Block Party will be held on Saturday, June 26, 2010, beginning at 3:00pm. The first order of business will be held prior to the beginning of the Annual Block Party.  Alex has agreed to host the Annual Block Party at his house again.  The committee agreed to use HOA funds.

The committee discussed getting a website set up as soon as possible so we can keep homeowners informed.  Emily recommended Matt and the committee unanimously agreed to offer the position of Webmaster to him.


Aaron Heepke will be the Vice President candidate.  Ying would like to resign her position as a Board of Directors Member.  We now have two Board of Director Member positions available.

Ron will provide name of company that maintains the monument (bulbs, sprinkler, maintenance, etc.)


Ron requested an invoice for unsold, developed lots only.


Ron suggested we send out a reminder to homeowners in a second “invoice”, for HOA dues, after April 30, 2010.  Subsequently, a third letter (FINAL NOTICE) should follow to homeowners, who still have not paid their dues, reminding them that a lien could be placed on their home.  The fee for the developer who has unsold lots will be $25.  The fee for lots sold to contractors will be $50. The fee for homeowners will be $50.

Marla reported that she has received 32 of 69 homeowner’s dues. Marla asked what to do with the checks she has received and Ron suggested that the committee apply for a Federal ID # and become Incorporated with the State of Illinois The HOA plans on setting up a checking account with the First Clover Leaf Bank in Edwardsville.  Ron also recommends that we have two signatures on the checking account.

Marla was asked to send Ron an invoice for contractors.  Ron gave Marla a map and she was asked to find out the lot numbers for him, so he can identify who the contractors are.

The HOA should bill any current home owner at the time of the dues collection (April).  No billing will be done outside of the April window, even in the event of change of ownership.


Sherri suggested that we send out our first newsletter to the homeowners, which will introduce ourselves, welcome everyone, and let them know what our plans are for the future.

The committee unanimously agreed to distribute a newsletter and Sherri volunteered to create and distribute it.

The schedule for 2010 meetings:

The committee agreed to have quarterly meetings.  The next meeting will be on June 26, 2010.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 p.m.