September 18, 2015 Meeting Minutes

TOPIC SUMMARY: Block Party, Budget, Dog Park, Drainage, Neighborhood Watch, Newsletter, Richmond Entry, Social Events, Stop Signs, Water, Welcoming Baskets

Call to order 7:10pm 9/18/2015

Roll Call: Randy Clements, Mike Homann, Suzanne Tatlici, Megan Mushovic, Matt Thouvenot

No prior minutes to approve

  • Pres: vacant
  • VP: vacant
  • Treasurer: not present
  • Sec: not present

Old Business:

Drainage issues: Tyler Winters (RP Lumber) has been working on. Tyler has said they took care of it. Been an issue for 3 years. Mr. Homann has contacted. Three issues. Mr. Homann to call Tyler to get a status update:

  1. Issue in front has been remedied.
  2. Issue across the street, no work done.
  3. Savannah Lake, part of it resolved by retention pond.

New Business:


  • Signage. Randy is going to take care of the stop sign and safety signage (Safety)
  • Second Entrance. Waiting to get water access (for plants). Still need ideas. Megan to include in the next newsletter and post to Next Door
    • Would have to be to one side or the other. Preferably on the right side as you enter.
    • Curved stacked stone??

Proposed Landscaping Committee: Tom Irvin, Keith Schwerjohn,  Bayram Tatlici, Randy Clements, Mike Homann

Social Committee: not present. Suzanne filling in as best she can.

  • Starts at 6pm
  • Aaron volunteering screen.
  • Board please make yourself available at 5pm at the latest to help set up.


  • Newsletter.
    • Announce Board
    • Chili Contest at Liberty neighborhood
    • Scarecrow contest
    • Christmas (Holiday!) decoration contest (use outside judges). Deadline. Anonymous. Need a prize!
    • Birmingham Porch Crawl
    • Non-profit postage – Megan check in on. Might have to apply for a permit.
    • Make sure the latest is in the welcoming package.
    • Kid Entrepreneurship. Lemonade stands in conjunction with garage sales. May.
    • Board Highlight “Kid Alert V.W.S.™ Visual Warning Signal”
    • Sorry if you did not get welcomed
    • Join Next Door!
  • Budget. Print/paper/ink. Submit
  • Proposed Dog park. On RLP Development’s site each individual lot is priced on their site. There is a non-buildable lot w. 30-40ft gap. $16,000 in insurance/year for front. More research needs to be done.


  • Neighborhood Watch. Is a separate organization. Would have to choose between Neighborhood Watch vs. Glen Carbon Police protection. Randy recommends that we comply with local policy. Need to pick a date to set up a meeting.
  • Signage. Check with Danny regarding speed bump. Need to price out No Soliciting and Children at Play. Get more little green guys signs.


  • Re-instated position on Board
  • Add covenants and bylaws
  • Add latest newsletter
  • Inquire with Aaron on Welcoming budget – Suzanne
  • Add Next Door invitation

Proposed to increase Social budget in order to cover costs for additional attractions during Spring Easter event that is not currently budgeted.

  • Homann – work with “landscaping committee”
  • Suzanne work with Dawn on needs for Fall Party

Date on which these minutes were approved: 10/13/15