September 13, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: A Board Meeting of the Savannah Crossing Homeowners Association was held at the meeting room of the Glen Carbon Senior Center on Tuesday, September 13, 2016. The meeting convened at 6:03 pm. President Mike Homann presiding.

Roll Call:

Board Members Present

  • Mike Homann, President
  • Blake Berner, Vice President
  • Aaron Heepke, Treasurer
  • Randy Clements, Safety Director
  • Megan Irvin, Secretary, Co-Communications Director
  • Suzanne Tatlici, Welcoming Director, Co-Communications Director
  • Matthew Thouvenot, Webmaster

Board Members Absent

  • Jake Snyder, Landscaping Director
  • Dawn Dimitroff, Social Director

Neighborhood Attendees

  • Kristi Dickens

Approval of Prior Meeting’s Minutes: Not applicable. Due to lack of a quorum, no business was conducted.

Reports of Officers:

  • President: New no-solicitation signs installed; Street repairs completed at Savannah entrance.
  • Secretary: Letter to residents about new trash containers sent to homeowners.
  • Treasurer: Subdivision is officially paying taxes for 3 of the 6 parts within phase 1; Dues have been collected for all with the exception for one builder.

Reports of Committees:

  • Communications
  • Landscaping
  • Safety
  • Social
  • Webmaster: HOA board meeting dates have been updated.
  • Welcoming: Seven new homeowners since last delivery, waiting for three more until delivering welcoming baskets.

Old Business:

Drainage Issues:

  • Developer came out and took care of known drainage issues in retention pond however drainage still is a problem due to rain and new construction.
  • Re-grated Old Troy Rd. but still holds water. Not concerned about at this time.
  • Will wait to see after more construction for potential re-grading.
  • Need clarification regarding who is responsible: HOA, City or Developer

Richmond Entry:

  • Planned monument on one side (Richmond to Mont side)
  • Current quote totals $10,350, excluding lettering, footing. Developer (Schmitt) has committed to paying for ~$5,000
    • Current quote: 12′ wall, smaller version of Savannah Crossing entrance. No lighting, no electric. Wall is 8′ thick, straight, curved at the top. Limestone caps (to avoid scum issues we have had at Savannah Crossing).

Savannah Entry: Wall Repairs

  • Need to repair entrance before winter
  • Motion to accept quote of $2,650 to fix monument by Treasurer Aaron. Megan second. Mike to follow up with Jake regarding landscape budget withdrawl.

Street Signs: Proposed plan to replace all street signs

  • HOA has agreed to purchase all street signs at once and costs increase significantly if we purchase in chunks due to freight. Will need to figure out the best plan to purchase.
  • Have contacted Hunters Crossing to purchase together to reduce freight charges.

New Business:

  • Winter Light Contest: Megan to lead and provide proposal at next meeting
  • Fall Party Details: Megan Blind to lead. Date October 8th. Location TBD.
  • Fall Yard Sale: 9/30 (Fri) and 10/1 (Sat). Megan and Suz to post and coordinate.
  • Email Protocol: Megan to lead and reach out as needed.
  • Architectural Committee: Randy and Blake will serve on committee for HOA.

Next Meeting: October 5th 2016 (Wednesday) 6 pm at TBD

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 7:38 pm