April 5, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Topic Summary: Street Signs, Dog Poop, Mowing, Neighborhood Watch, Yard Sales, Easter Egg Hunt, Website, Covenants Amendments, Trash, Drainage, Dues, Budget, Block Party, Board Openings, Basketball Hoops, Complaints

Call to Order: A Board Meeting of the Savannah Crossing Homeowners Association was held at the Glen Carbon Senior Center on Wednesday, April 5, 2017. The meeting convened at 6:03 pm, President Mike Homann presiding.

Roll Call:

Board Members Present:

  • Mike Homann, President
  • Blake Berner, Vice President
  • Aaron Heepke, Treasurer
  • Megan Irvin, Secretary, Co-Communications Director
  • Matthew Thouvenot, Webmaster
  • Jake Snyder, Landscaping Director
  • Randy Clements, Safety Director
  • Suzanne Tatlici, Welcoming Director, Co-Communications Director

Board Members Absent:

  • Dawn Dimitroff, Social Director

Reports of Officers:

  • President
  • Secretary: C&R Amendment update
  • Treasurer: Dues are due by 4/30

Reports of Committees:

  • Communications: Sent communication regarding signs (3/16), dog poop (3/27), included with email opt-out survey. Would like to evaluate the best means of communicating moving forward (NextDoor, Facebook, SC site, etc)
  • Landscaping: Motion to continue to use Jeff Sylvie as mowing service this year. Second.
  • Safety: Randy (Safety Chair) to serve as main captain. Work on block captains for Neighborhood watch.
  • Social: Spring Yard Sale 4/7 and 4/8, Easter Egg Hunt 4/9.
  • Webmaster: Domain renewal for the year is $25.16.
  • Welcoming

Old Business:

  • C&R Amendments: Feedback, start list for next year. Prolong the vote as RLP is advocating that their votes will count for owned lots in phases 1-3 as well as those yet to be built in phases 4-6. RLP’s vote would essentially null and void residents’ in phases 1-3. More clarifications to come.
  • Trash from builders. Proposed a letter to be signed to Mr. Plumber that reflects section 7 of C&Rs. Expect signed letter back and in mean time have sent two people out to address trash issue. Relayed to builders: Remington homes, Gebhardt homes, Spencer homes.
  • Drainage: Easements should allow for free-flowing, planned run-off to designed area to drain. As this is not the case in some areas, RLP has contacted the builders. Once rain lets up, RLP and the builders have aligned that the area needs to be re-grated to file grade as defined in the C&Rs (Section 16). Then if there are still issues RLP, TWM (civil engineer) and the local oil company (who owns easement) will come on site to fix. Weather permitting.
    • Another issue was reported on Alexandria. Lot 92.

New Business:

  • RLP: Rob Schmitt has left the company. Mike from RLP will be more involved moving forward and happy to be involved in future meetings.
  • RLP Website: Referring to RLP Development website and direct office number. Reason being takes personal numbers off of there.
  • Increase Dues: Savannah Crossing is extremely low, especially compared to other similar neighborhoods. Increased dues could also help with some pending projects. For example, Vicksburg’s dues are $150.
  • 2017 Budget: Approved by Feb/March. Send out budget via email. Allocate for signs.
  • Block Party & Annual Meeting: Early June 10th. 6 pm. Vote at 7 pm. $500 spent last year. $250 for fall party. 1st Richmond Drive, Gable Ct, Scarlet Dr.
  • Board Recruitment: HOA Board is looking for replacements for both Social and Communications Chair.
  • Mathews Playhouse Request: RLP has advised the structure is not allowed. Randy or Blake to respond.
  • Welcoming Baskets
  • Basketball Hoop Communication (Megan). Mike to bring up basketball hoops, pending communications. Send follow-up to whoever voiced concern.
  • Hightower Complaint: Residents voiced concerns over previous complaint made by Jennifer Hightower at previous HOA meeting in April. The residents have yet to meet her.

Approval of Prior Meeting’s Minutes

Next Meeting: May 9th 2016 (Tuesday) 6 pm at Glen Carbon Community Center

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 7:56 pm