October 17, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Topic Summary: RLP meeting, RLP Voting Rights, C&R Amendments, Bylaw Amendments, Drainage Issues, Street Signs, Richmond Entrance

Call to Order: No call to order. Meeting with RL Plumber at R. P. Lumber in Edwardsville to discuss
various topics.

HOA Board Members Present:

  •  Mike Homann, President
  • Aaron Heepke, Treasurer
  • Megan Irvin, Secretary

RLP Development Members Present:

  • Bruce Riedle, President
  • Mike Bold, Project Manager


  • RLP (Developer) Voting Rights: RLP has the right to implement an amendment to the
    Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs) at any time. As for HOA proposed amendments, RLP
    gets one vote for any given developed lot (excludes un-developed lots such as those in
    future phases 4, 5 and 6). RLP does NOT have a vote for amendments for the subdivision
    bylaws. HOA has agreed to inform RLP of any proposed amendments moving forward (both
    to C&R and bylaws) as well as HOA meeting dates.
  • C&R Proposed Amendments: RLP has agreed to abstain from the following amendments
    and thus let the subdivision completely control the outcome of the proposed amendments
    given the below specifications:

    • No above-ground Pools C&R Amendment: as long as the HOA seeks legal
      feedback as to the implications of properties that install an above ground pool before
      C&R amendment is passed (grand-fathered in). Note: Currently no residences have
      above ground pools.
    • No Wood Fences C&R Amendment: no specifications
  • Bylaw Amendments: As stated above, RLP has no influence regarding Bylaw amendments
    proposed by the HOA. As such the HOA plans to proceed to proposed raised dues for 2018.
  • Drainage Issues: Mike Bold to send list of all reported drainage issues. HOA to
    communicate to subdivision regarding status of each reported instance.
  • Street Signs: RLP has re-confirmed that they will pay for upgraded street signs (including
    installation) in future phases 4, 5 and 6 if the HOA pays for current phases 1, 2 and 3. They
    have also agreed to provide documentation of this commitment.
  • Richmond Entrance: RLP has re-confirmed that they will contribute $5,500 towards the
    Richmond Entrance monument. RLP has also agreed to increase contribution up to 50% of
    total cost once we secure a more inclusive quote for the project. Estimate the project will be
    between $10,000 and $15,000.

Sub-Division Management: RLP has provided a reference for a sub-division/HOA
management company – Terra Properties. HOA will inquire as to Terra Properties
capabilities and cost. RLP will entertain help in covering some of the cost once we secure a