June 17, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: The meeting of the Savannah Crossing Homeowners Association was held at the Glen Carbon Public Library on Monday, June 17th, 2019. The meeting convened at 6:39 pm, President Mike Homann presiding.

Roll Call:

Board Members Present:

  • Mike Homann, President
  • Matt Werner, Vice President
  • Aaron Heepke, Treasurer
  • Megan Irvin, Secretary
  • Suzanne Tatlici, Welcoming Director
  • Matthew Thouvenot, Webmaster
  • Corey Newgent, Safety Director

Board Members Absent:

  • Jake Snyder, Landscaping Director
  • Trisha Grandidier, Co-Social Director
  • Lyndsey Tedesco, Co-Social Director

Deferred Approving Meeting Minutes

Reports of Officers:

  • President;
    • Drainage Issues Update. Last meeting HOA approved to move forward with contractor to fix various drainage issues. Submitted his insurance but still waiting on workman’s comp proof before proceeding. Ground is still too wet to do anything in the short term. Mike Homan is also going to follow up with the Glen Carbon engineer again regarding possible assistance.
    • Savannah Crossing Entrance. Exploring contractors to clean out fountain. Aaron to contact/follow up. Mike Homan replaced two of the flags (need replacing about every 6 months).
    • HOA Dues. Late fees of $10 will apply after 06/24/2019.
  • Vice President;
    • Architectural Committee review of Mikolay fence variance request. Catherine Mikolay currently has a grand-fathered in wooden fence. When she replaces it she is asking for a variance to allow for one side of her fence to start at the front of her house which would enclose her side yard. This would violate the C&Rs:

Section 10. B. Other Fence Construction: No wall, fence, or fencing of any kind shall be allowed in the front yard of any Lot nor on the side yard up to the rear of the dwelling structure, nor on any side of a dwelling along a street between a line or lines intersecting that side of the house and parallel with that street.

      • Motion: Allow Mikolay variance request limited to ONLY up to a quarter of the way up the side of her house GIVEN the entire fence is replaced and in otherwise current compliance with the C&Rs. Motion was passed by unanimous vote, quorum was present.
      • Clarification: The board will allow a quarter variance as in the past there have been variances granted to enclose a back door or egress window towards the back on the side of some houses within the fences. There is no door or egress window but the board is willing to match this request.
    • Architectural Committee review of current fence variances
      • Motion: Send notification to current non-complaint fence homes that in the event that they need to replace or reinstall their fence for any reason their new fence must comply with the C&Rs and in doing so must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for review. Motion was passed by unanimous vote, quorum was present.
      • Clarification: There are houses that do not currently comply with the C&Rs as it pertains to fences. Mostly due to the fact there wasn’t an HOA to govern nor was there an Architectural committee until last year. As both are in place now the board would like to send notification to these homes with current variances and expectations.
  • Secretary; Board election should be help at the next social event to optimize turn out.
  • Treasurer;
    • 2014 Taxes. Terra properties discovered unpaid 2014 taxes. Total amounts to $140 and will be paid.
    • Budget Update

Reports of Committees:

  • Communications; N/A
  • Landscaping; N/A
  • Safety; Welcome New Board Member Corey Newgent! Corey will be replacing Randy Clements as Safety Director.
  • Social; N/A
  • Webmaster; N/A
  • Welcoming; Waiting for dues to be paid for updated homes list.

New Business:

  • Signs. Last set of signs came in and should be installed soon. Also fixed the Richmond Dr. speed limit sign.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 7:32 pm