April 13th 2021

April 13, 2021
6:30 P.M. 

Board members present:
David Ford, John Jatcko, Corey Newgent, Lee Greathouse, and Mike Homann

Meeting location was Jatcko’s residence.

Ford made a motion to open the meeting and it was seconded by Homann.

Secretary’s Report
March minutes submitted for approval.
Lee submitted a motion and Newton seconded the motion to approve as amended. Approved by all present.

President’s Report
Drainage issues have been addressed. RLP paid $2,000

MTC fixed standing water along trail.

Need to consider a sign stating NO DUMPING

Proposed new sign for second entrance. Move forward and try again. Mike would like assistance.

Mowing contract- insurance issue resolved with contractor.

Walk through with Laurie Completed

Treasurer’s Report
No report.

No report.


Three fence permits. 

No report.

Need volunteers.

Neighborhood yard sale planned.

No report.

Water Feature-Discussed Pondless main entrance. Save fees.

Adding trees along Old Troy Road

Trail Entrance Landscape
$1,750 bid 

Refresh Landscape at main entrance $1,140 for other side of pond

Yard of the month
$100-sending notice to neighborhood.

Discussed getting rid of signs for RLP at entrance.

Motion to adjourn Ford. Lee second Meeting adjourned at 7:08.