April 19, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Topic Summary: C&R Update, Garbage Cans, Spring Block Party, Welcome Basket Delays, Board Communications, Street Sign Update, Richmond Entrance update

Call to Order: The meeting of the Savannah Crossing Homeowners Association was held on Thursday, April 19th, 2018. The meeting convened at 7:10 pm, President Mike Homann presiding.

Board Members Present:

  • Mike Homann, President
  • Megan Irvin, Secretary
  • Matthew Thouvenot, Webmaster
  • Suzanne Tatlici, Welcoming Director

Neighborhood Attendees:

  • Catherine Mikolay, 7038 Augusta Dr.

Approval of Prior Meeting’s Minutes

Reports of Officers:

  • Secretary;
    • C&R Update. Amended C&R have yet to be filed. Need copy of original Bylaws in order to proceed. Laurie with Terra Properties to submit for
    • Garbage Can Infraction reported; Laurie with Terra Properties has addressed to resident via post. Terra Properties has also contacted the Public Safety Officer at Village of Glen Carbon and ordinance is that trash cans can be out 24 hours before and after pick up day. The Public Officer said she will come out next Wednesday to drive through the sub-division and issue violation notices.

Reports of Committees:

  • Social;
    • Social Committee Meeting next Wednesday 4/25 to plan Spring Block Party. Posted on Next Door and Facebook Social Group and emailed previous social committee participants.
    • Block Party Proposed Dates: 5/19, 6/2 and 6/9. Confirmed 6/2 based on Social Committee availability
    • Easter Egg Hunt; Unfortunately was rained out both on the original weekend and the rain date. Jenna Smith was a saint a hand delivered eggs and crafts to each home or issued a refund if requested.
  • Welcoming;
    • Welcoming Baskets;
      • Far behind due to multiple reasions:
        1. Limited visibility to new homeowners; Updated New Resident list is further delayed due to Terra Properties getting up to speed and organized.
        2. Budget constraints
        3. Pending Covenant and Restriction updates; hesitant to deliver baskets with pending C&R amendments as the welcome baskets typically include a copy of the sub-division By Laws and Covenants and Restrictions.
      • Topic to be added as agenda item at next meeting.
      • Board as agreed to move forward with delivering welcoming baskets to new residents without C&Rs and Bylaws as long as we provide a note stating where the latest can be found and that an amendment is pending in the interim — given we have an updated list that is.
      • Also considering sending out welcome email to new homeowners in the future

New Business:

  • Board Meeting Communications. Terra Properties has advised the board to have two methods of communication of HOA meetings, regardless if they are “Executive Board Meetings” (purpose is for Board members but residents are still welcome to attend) versus one of the four open HOA Meetings. Meetings are communicated on the Savannah-Crossing website. Also has agreed to post to Next Door as a post (not meeting invite).
  • Street Signs. After numerous years with the recent increase in HOA dues and budget approval we are finally able to move forward with the proposed Street Sign project (as well as the Richmond entrance Monument project). Mike Homann has done his due diligence in bidding out quotes of posts, signs and labor including reaching out to surrounding sub-divisions and RLP. We as the board ultimately decided to go with procuring signs and posts from RLP (estimated $580 per) and labor (estimated $400 per post) from for a total of approximately $980 per sign. We are trying to ordering in large enough quantities to reduce shipping costs and is low enough quantities to meet budget constraints. Most likely will place orders in 3-4 increments.
    • Style to look similar what is currently in Timberwolfe Estates sub-division with elevated concrete as suggested to help avoid salt trucks hitting and lawn mowers.
    • Re-confirming with Danny Laurence with the City of Glen Carbon on Street Sign color restrictions. We know must be reflective. Will most likely proceed with green street sign. City also agreed to pay to replace any street signs that are currently cracked or damaged (there are numerous now). Will save the HOA $99 for those street signs.
    • Reminder the HOA has agreed to pay for updated street signs in phases 1, 2 and 3 as RLP has agreed to pay for future phases 4, 5 and 6.
    • Side Note: Relator gave feedback that street signs raise home values $1500.
    • Proposing $6000 spend for street signs and posts this year leaving $4500 for Richmond Entrance out of special projects 2018 budget.

Proposed Street Sign RLP

  • Common Area. Still entertaining common area. Was suggested to have an area near the current bus stop for kids to stop and play and gather. Topic to be added as agenda item for next meeting. Plus with how long this project might take we should start looking into sooner rather than later.
  • Richmond Entrance. Approximate cost is $10,000 total – in which RLP is paying for $5,500. Does not including lettering or footing. RLP (Jamie) said they just put stone sign in Turtle Creek in Troy and suggested this as a template (would suggest slightly smaller).
  • Street issues. Notified Terra Properties to contact city to fix streets, specifically Birmingham and entrance roads.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm

Add to next meeting agenda:

  • 7038 Augusta Fence Proposal
  • New Residence Notification and welcoming email
  • Common area proposed near bus stop as an area for kids – Review
  • Richmond Monument