January 11th, 2021

January 11, 2021

6:30 P.M. 


Board members present:

David Ford, John Jatcko, Corey Newgent, Lee Greahouse, Aaron Heepke, Mike Homann, and Megan Blind

Meeting location was at David Ford’s residence. We were not able to meet at the Glen Carbon Library due to the coronavirus.

Aaron Heepke made a motion to open the meeting, Corey Newgent seconded the motion

Secretary’s Report

July and August minutes submitted for approval. John Jacko submitted a motion and Cory Newton Seconded. Approved by all present.

President’s Report 

$8,000-$12,000 bid sent to the residents was approved. 47 yes and 1 na vote.

The board is withholding $750 until a yard repair is completed.

Culverts appear to John and contractor to have been installed improperly.

Rlp informed about the improperly installed culverts.

Dumping in dumpster. Laurie’s emails will be reviewed.

Board meetings.  Board is required to have for meetings a year that are public. John recommended only having 4 meetings a year. Jan, April, Jul, and Oct with special meetings as needed in an effort to avoid having unnecessary meetings. VP had not been at meetings… it was noted that the Board needs to contact him.

Board members-Megan send out communication with neighborhood asking for help

Brief discussion on whether there needs to be any changes to the HOA fees. No reason at this time. It was acknowledged that specific information needs to be provided if the HOA is going to propose a change and fees.

$3,000 will be transferred to savings. The board is still very interested in pursuing entrance sign with money already built into budget from a couple years ago.

Megan will post pictures of progress of sink holes. Megan will update Fb friends.

Treasurer’s Report

Reported amounts in the accounts.


Megan will be sending neighborhood communication- will ask someone else to do Welcoming 


No report.


October minutes need to be posted.


No report


No report


A plan of adding 10 trees every year out front what’s discussed in general and accepted.

Motion to adjourn Aaron Heepke. Mike second Meeting adjourned at 7:30

Submitted by:

David Ford, Secretary