July 20th, 2021

Savannah Crossing Public Meeting – Tuesday July 20
Board Attendance –John, Mike, Aaron, Corey and Lee

Neighborhood Attendance – Barb Anderson, Jerry and Julie Vollmar, Michele Brannan
John asked for a motion to call the meeting to order, Mike made the motion and Aaron seconded at 6:33 pm
John asked if board members present had any questions about previous meeting minutes. John asked for a motion to approve the minutes as read. Aaron made a motion to approve and John seconded.

Report of Officers
– David was not present for secretary report
– Aaron was present and gave financial report. Around 6 residents that still have not paid. At the end of July will be 90 days past due. Lien notices will be going out in the next couple weeks for those who do not get payment in soon.
– John welcomed residents and gave an overview of how many meetings we have (4 per year) in accordance with Illinois law. October is next meeting when elections for following year board will occur. He discussed that meeting happens in conjunction with the neighborhood block party. John brought up how the sprinkler line was damaged when the Village fixed the road at the Savannah entrance. The Village attempted to fix but it was still leaking after putting down new road. A new line will need to be bored under the street and the Village is willing to pay for half of the replacement cost. Also, the pump for the waterfall at the entrance to Savannah needed to be replaced unexpectedly. These pumps last about 5 years and this is the third replacement since HOA has been in place.
Committee Reports
– Mike explained how fountain at the front is almost completely renovated from having a pond to pond less. Island landscape will be updated by repositioning some plants, adding some plants and removing all grass. All of these changes should result in lower maintenance and a fresh look. Five new trees have also been planted throughout the berm area along Old Troy Road. Some of the trees planted last year did not survive but are under warranty and will be replaced.
– Lee had nothing to report on the website
– Corey explained where application for fence/pool can be found and how to submit

Residents brought up a few questions.
– Builder trash, when sod should be laid, when grass should be cut before being considered too long and fence height. John and Mike addressed all questions and provided information about our contacts at the Village and RLP.
– What are we getting with Terra? John and Aaron addressed then explained the value based on this.
John asked for a motion to conclude meeting if residents did not have any further questions. Aaron made the motion and John seconded at 7:06 pm