September 14th Meeting

September 14, 2020
6:30 P.M.

Board members present:
David Ford, John Jatcko, Corey Newgent, and Lee Greahouse, Aaron Heepke

Meeting location was at the west access to the bike trail on Richmond. We were not able to meet at the Glen Carbon Library due to the coronavirus.

John Jacko made a motion to open the meeting, Cory Newton seconded the motion

Secretary’s Report
July and August minutes submitted for approval. John Jacko submitted a motion and Cory Newton Seconded. Approved by all present.

President’s Report
Even though Mike was not present, the board discussed the Variance request involving a new entryway which was denied and an Email from RPL. Regarding the email from RPL, the HOA does not plan on responding.

Treasurer’s Report
Reported amount in the account.

Discussed using a form for residents to complete if they would like to put in a fence.
We will request an estimate for rocks around a drain in the retention pond to match rocks on the side.

Contact page update
Add new fence form


2 stop signs at Atlanta, Savannah and Alexandria being installed. 4 way stop

Solicit volunteers on Facebook to help John Jactko clean landscape on Savannah Crossing.
Motion to adjourn Aaron Heepke. John Jacko second Meeting adjourned at 7:01.

Submitted by:
David Ford, Secretary